As he drifted around the dark empty courtyard, she was watching him. She wondered how he did it. He moved so gracefully, like he wasn’t even walking, more like drifting along. He looked like something from another world, and as she was thinking that, she wondered how he could have ever done the things he had admitted, things so horrible that if anyone else found out, his punishment would be death. At this thought, she knew she must carry this secret to her death. It was in that moment in which she vowed to protect him, even if it killed her…

The first time she had seen him was the day he had got to town. He had been quiet and blended in well, he had been hardly noticeable. But she had noticed him. She had always been a happy chatty person, but over the next month, as she watched him, she changed. She began to think more deeply, and became more quiet and mature. As she gained more confidence she began to follow him until she found where he was living. She walked quietly up to the small abandoned house just outside the town… she knocked, he answered, she walked in, and not a single word was spoken.

This continued for a couple of weeks. Each time she would stay for a couple of hours then leave. They never talked but it seemed right. They had a bond that was so much stronger than words.

The first thing she said to him was “I love you” it was strange but it was how she felt, and she had never been one for keeping her feelings to herself. The only reply she got from him was “I know” it was not said in a nasty way but in the kind of way that said ‘me to… I just can’t say so yet’. She used her visits to think, and when she thought, she thought about him, always him.

The next time she came to his house, he told her everything… everything he had done. She should have felt scared, but she didn’t. He asked her if she still loved him, she replied softly with “more than ever”.

Afterwards, she asked his name. It had been so strange being in love with a person whose name she did not know. When he told her, she said it once. “Trey” she murmured, and she knew she would never say that name out loud again.

That night she took him back to her house. She told herself that they would be together forever, but in reality she wasn’t so sure.

Then the whispers started. the rumours of the deaths. When she heard them she knew the riders were on their way. She knew that they were going to come for him, and she could not let that happen. She remembered the vow she had made that night in the courtyard the night she had brought him home, and she knew she would never be able to break it. And she knew what she had to do. She ran home and started to pack. She grabbed him and the horses and they left that night. This meant leaving behind her life, her friends, and the thing she dreaded parting with the most; her identity, the only thing that reminded her of her past. She would have to say goodbye to nice, pleasant, chatty, beautiful, blond Kayla and choose a new name to suit her new personality. Maybe she would be boring, quiet, Kate, who kept to herself and always pretended to be invisible.

That night she had nightmares. It was the first time since she was a small child. And now she couldn’t go hind in her parents’ bed and cuddle up and feel their love. She dreamed of the riders, the dark cloaked men on horses. They came from another place, not part of this world, They came and tracked down the people with unforgivable sins. They knew all your darkest secrets and fears, nobody could hide from them. When they got hold of you they took you back to their world, it was some kind of hell, they relived your worst memories and made you live your worst fears, they tortured you, as if you hadn’t had enough of that already. She could never let that happen to him!

She found his note on her pillow the next morning when she woke. It told her that he shouldn’t have dragged her into this, that he was so sorry. It also told her that he would come and find her when he had found the redemption he needed. She knew she had come too far to go back now. She no longer existed. So she went after him.

She travelled until she reached the place where it happened, it was a small village in a forest near a stream on her planet named Sibble. She had to find the kid. His name was Justin and he was Trey’s brother. Trey had left him to die by himself in the forest because whenever Trey had looked at him, he had only saw their father standing in his place. The father he had murdered.

She went looking for Justin. She looked for a long time, maybe a couple of days. She eventually found him unconscious in the forest. It looked like he had not eaten in days. She woke him up and told him she was going to help him, he was too desperate to refuse. She took Justin back to the old house. They found Trey sitting against a wall, looking very sorry for himself. He was muttering to himself about how he would never find Justin. When Justin saw Trey he tried to run. She had to calm him down and try to explain that Trey wasn’t going to hurt him. She could tell that the small boy didn’t believe her.

She told trey quietly that it was finally time to explain to his brother what had happened. A far away pained expression clouded his face and he started to tell they story…

It had been around lunch time, he had just been eating some sort of new fruit he had found, he had started to feel a bit strange. Paranoid thoughts were running through his mind. ‘They are evil, they are possessed, they are going to kill you’ that’s what the little voices in his head chanted at him. He waited until his parents where distracted, then he grabbed his dad, there was quiet a struggle but Trey’s anger made him strong. He took his father outside and nailed him to a cross on the front of the house. Then he quickly went after his mother. She had been screaming and crying at him to stop but had barely herd her. He tied her to the front gate where she had a clear view of her husband. He walked quickly back to his father. He didn’t know what came over him, he started to calve intricate designs into his father’s chest and stomach, and then left him there to die.

He then walked over and untied his mother, she tried to run but there was no point, Trey was too fast and too strong. He led her over to a small well that was beside the house, he paused and looked at her, and his eyes were blank. He pushed her down the well. He didn’t even hear her screams as the leaches attached themselves to her body. He ran, and he didn’t stop.

Trey didn’t remember the next couple of days. His next memory was of waking up in the abandoned house just outside the town where Kayla had lived. Trey had not had a clue what had happened to Justin, but he didn’t really care. All he wanted to do was forget… Now he had finally realised that he couldn’t ignore this, he had to find Justin. That was why he had come back, to seek redemption. He had found a little of the redemption he was seeking by coming after his brother, but he knew he had a long way to go yet… He doubted that he would ever be able to fully get his brother to forgive him, and he never would be the same. He really wanted for this to be a happily ever after story, but he didn’t believe in those. So as he got ready for his new day, he made sure he had all the patience he could find, and he prepared himself for defeat.


~ by Nikki on June 8, 2012.

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