Just spent the last 30minutes in a rage grabbing all my kitchen plates ect and hiding them in my bedroom after my house mate yet again broke something of mine. It was either storm around the house for 30 minutes being petty or walk into his room and smash the plates over his head!!!!! I feel like I’m living with a teenager. EARTH to housemate “I’M NOT YOUR FUCKING MOTHER!!!!!!” If you use something – Clean it. If you spill food in the microwave – clean it. When your finished making a mess in my kitchen – CLEAN IT!!!!! Funny how he takes excellent care of his brand new wok but leave food splattered all over my kitchen wall for me to clean!! Gah I think I need to sleep now, its the only way I think I’ll be able to calm myself down. P.S. I’ll be looking for new apartments tomorrow.

Is it just me and my bipolar who feels this way? Or does anyone think I’m justified to feel this way?




~ by Nikki on May 31, 2012.

One Response to “MURDEROUS RAGE!”

  1. Sharing with anybody – family, friends, boarders etc will cause feelings like that. I was frequently angry with my family over my perception of their inconsideration to sharing my home, although the worst was sharing with housemates when nothing was sacred – food, clothes,car.

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