Things to do before I Die.

1. Take a night class in Japanese.

2. Buy an original work of art.

3. Learn to make sushi.


4. Read an autobiography by a celebrity.

5. Take more photos.  And print them out. (Facebook Doesn’t Count!)

Nikki & Scott

6. Get a dog.

7. Ride on an elephant.

8. Go to Egypt.

9. Go Paris and see a real art museum.

10. Go to Bali.

11. Go to Las Vegas.

12. Spend a proper Halloween in America.

13. Go to a dress up party.

14. Do something randomly kind for no reason.

15. Take a pole dancing class.

16. Have an awesome garden (that doesn’t die) that I made all by myself.

17. Go snorkelling and experience marine life up close.

18. Fly first class.

19. Go to Thailand.

20. Visit a castle in England.

21. Learn how to talk to random strangers without feeling self-conscious and dorky.

22. Get to know my neighbours. 

23. Start a recipe book/photo album/family history book for my future offspring.

24. Get a Piercing.


25. Get a Tattoo.


26. Go to a protest/rally for something I believe in.

27. Have children.

28. Get married.

29. Flirt with and get a Random Guy’s Number.

30. Be an artist’s model.

31. Not Speak for an entire day.

32. Throw someone a surprise party.

33. Get Colour Contacts.

34. Swim with a Dolphin.

35. Chill in a haunted house.

deviantart images2

36. Go one day without texting.

37. Start a Blog.

38. Frame and sell a Piece of my own Art.

IMG_0919 525841_3304024955806_1596251376_n

39. Be a Vegetarian for 1 week.

40. Go to Europe.

41. Own a house.

42. have Acupuncture.

43. Learn to play guitar.

44. Join a basketball team.

45. Take an art class.

46. Take a class in nail art and learn to acrylic nails.

47. Learn how to do henna tattoos.

48. Join a netball team.

49. Cut out wheat, gluten, rice, lentils, milk, dairy and processed foods out of my diet (completely no cheating)

50. Go to University and become a teacher.

51. Get a digital SRL camera.


52. Get  every sims3 game ever.


~ by Nikki on May 26, 2012.

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    Inspires to create my own list before i die:-)

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